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User Growth Specialist® (UGS®) Professional Certification

This professional certification opportunity is launching soon!

SMEI recognizes professionals who have met and surpassed high standards of education, experience, knowledge, and ethical conduct. SMEI has established user growth certification programs for professionals to complete in order to be able to use its professional designations. These certification programs involve meeting prerequisites and an examination process.

Your SMEI User Growth Specialist® designation shows to the world that you are a user growth specialist. UGS® certification announces your professional competence to your clients, employer, peers, and customers. Your UGS® designation certifies that you abide by the highest ethics and principles and have demonstrated knowledge and experience in user growth.

“Leadership & learning are indispensable to each other.” -John F. Kennedy.

The SMEI User Growth Specialist® certification program is divided into three levels, from low to high, UGS-A (UGS Assistant), UGS (User Growth Specialist) and UGS-S (UGS Senior), which are open to individuals who meet the relevant requirements. An application fee is required. The application may remain in process for 365 days from the application date. Here is the process for becoming certified:

  1. Apply for certification and pay the application fee. The application fee is a one-time payment.
  2. Take an exam preparatory course (optional)
  3. Register for the exam and pay the exam fee. 
  4. Take the exam within 365 days of your application date. 
  5. Achieve a 75% passing grade on the exam. A remedial exam is available if you do not pass the exam the first time.
  6. A 6-month extension is available if you do not take the exam, or pass the exam within 365 days of your application date, providing an extension fee is paid.